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2014 Winter Break!!

Created on: 01/19/14 04:49 PM Views: 1806 Replies: 3
2014 Winter Break!!
Posted Sunday, January 19, 2014 04:49 PM

Our 1st Winter Break luncheon was held January 16th in Punta Gorda, FL.  at Fisherman's Village, plethora of boutiques & restaurants on Charlotte Harbor.

In attendance were Ken & Lou Purdom, Gary & Karen Lampinen, Chris Blum (Klein), Fran & Larry Smielewski, Joan Fodrea (Cooper), Barb Nordquist (Webster) & husband Ted, Phyllis Alverson (Baker), Ricia Kronick (Scharf), George Haacke, and yours truly, Carole. Everyone seems to be in pretty good health, considering the age we have become!  Phyllis, while on oxygen, looked good, seems good even though she gets short of breath quickly.  

While it was a chilly day (note the warm jackets in the photos..), at 50 something was a heat wave compared to the temperatures up north!  The sun was dazzling against the blue, blue sky & water of the Gulf.  The food at the Village Fish Market was fabulous, and Phyllis was proud of the restaurant that she worked at for so many years. 

Conversation was a bit challenged in this popular restaurant, but being a hearty group, we managed to get our 2 cents worth in!  Gary & Karen have been enjoying cruises, and had an interesting idea for a very, incredible inexpensive cruise.  I'm looking forward to hearing more about this!

Ken & Lou are once again, staying in Naples, FL for 3 mos, I'm sure 50 was nothing to those guys from northern, rural Michigan.  

Recent widows, Ricia  & Joan, connected with their shared loss, while Chris, a widow of almost 5 years now provides an inspiration as she has done remarkably well moving on in her life. I was delighted to hear their intentions to stay in touch with each other.

Barb & Ted, also down visiting for 3 mos in the Sunshine State, came over from Venice.  They are also connecting with Jim & Sandy Purdom, (Ken's brother, of course..) while here.  

Larry & Fran drove for 3 hours to get to our lunch, but as they used to live in Punta Gorda, came the day before & enjoyed revisiting their old domicile.  After living in AZ for a number of years, they are very happy to be back!

Rica also drove 1 1/2 hours to our condo, then rode with us for the remaining 1 hour drive from Estero.  Ricia marveled at the charm of this town, and remarked that in the 54 years she has lived in Florida, had never been to this area of the state.  She & her husband, Larry did a lot of traveling before he had his stroke some 3 years ago, so she has lots of wonderful memories of a loving marriage. 

Judy Yount (Geib) has been in town for a brief visit, however, as one of her brothers has had a relapse of his cancer, she was anxious to spend as much time with him as possible.  She does hope to return in another couple of months, however, so maybe we can see her then. 

 Punta Gorda was ravished hard by Hurricane Charlie in 2004, I remember all too well visiting it afterwards.  (Has it really been 10 years already since that happened?!)  Phyllis remembers it all to well, as they were hard hit.  The route we took no longer showed any signs of the devastation, and we were elated to notice the colorfull, old Florida look of the homes, and the beautiful murals painted on the buildings.  Another more leisurely visit to this area is in order for me, as well as Ricia.  

I have uploaded some photos onto our Photo Gallery on this website, and I hope others that took some pix will either upload them themself, or send them to me so I may add them to the gallery.

We are all hoping to do this again next year, and we hope more folks will be able to join in.  If you are planning a visit to sunny Florida anytime, please let me know, so we can give you a proper greeting!  

I hope that some others will add comments to this post about our Winter Break, I would love to hear your comments! 

Stay well, be happy, love to all...Carole



Live life to the fullest,
Carole Bird (Christopher)

RE: 2014 Winter Break!!
Posted Monday, January 20, 2014 12:31 AM

Carole, wild & wacky Derf here....I mean Fred....

I am disappointed and in tears,( sob sob ) the honey moon is over and I am broken hearted. Did not even get my 5 minutes of fame for being the party crasher who wished all of you well, sniffle sniff sniff and more tears.... Hey if your buying any of this I have a bridge to sell you.....

All funny stuff aside, I did get the rundown from my accomplice on all that went down and the good time that was had by all when I called Larry back two days later, and then you followed up with photos so I did actually sort of crash the party. Glad you all could enjoy it and each others company and that a good time was had by all.

Also note a little bird told me my timing was good when the phone was answered as I heard all of the restaurant sounds in the background. 2. a little birdy told me it wasn't larry who answered, and 3rd a little bird told me my ears must have been burning to call right at that time..... I am sorry to let you down but I had already planned that call two days before when I talked to Larry and was very pleased with my timing..... the devil made Derf do it again....... Hope to see more pictures soon....Fred (the devil made me do it Derf) and my Utica chieftain bride was so pleased to bring your note and pictures to my attention. Enjoy the rest of your stay and I will do my best to overcome the boredom of recuperating. Love and cheers to all Fred.

RE: 2014 Winter Break!!
Posted Monday, January 20, 2014 07:09 AM

OMG, MY BAD!!  I cannot believe in my haste to finish my synopsis of our lunch,that I forgot to mention Fred's timely call!!!   I have only feeble excuses for such a faux paus... I had spent considerable time in the morning trying to recreate everything that I could recall, (which did reference Fred's timely call) drafting an original letter, failed to save my work, then when it was done must have hit the wrong button & therefore it all disappeared. Frustrated, I set this project aside for a while, as for some reason, the connection was terribly slow.  Later, picking up the project once again, still with a sluggish connection, spent several more hours recreating my original synopsis & trying to get photos sorted, edited & uploaded.  So, Fred, I am SO sorry, your call was a delightful surprise!

I had just been asking Larry about you when Larry's phone rang, and guess who?!!  So, you had that all planned, WOW, your timing couldn't have been more perfect!  And, I understand that you had to have the other knee done, or you would have been there.  Hopefully next year, you won't have to be there by phone. But, know what? You weren't a crasher, you were a part of the great class of 1958!!  Sorry the recup is tough, but at least, you can look at it this way, - you'll never had to go through that again!  Hope your recovery is soon over....

I also forgot to mention the small group of gals sitting behind us & couldn't help but hear us speak of Michigan.  Turns out they were from Grand Rapids, and were shocked to learn we graduated in 1958 (they graduated in '68).  According to Lou, (or was it Karen), that remarked on what a good looking group we were, ...for our age....wink

Also, folks might enjoy this link to Fisherman's Village, kinda sez it all, www.fishville.com.  

Happy New Year all!































Live life to the fullest,
Carole Bird (Christopher)

RE: 2014 Winter Break!!
Posted Monday, February 10, 2014 05:48 PM

 Lou  an I had a great time at the luncheon.  What a great idea. Great food an good atmosphere. I want to express how much I appreciate all the hard work that Carol does, the Reunion, the web site, putting the luncheon together.  This is a LOT of work an certaintly deserves a big whoo who!!  Ken