Our Latest Trip
Posted Sunday, August 17, 2014 11:40 AM

Just got home from a fabulous trip to ElDorado Royale in Cancun, Mexico.  We are members of Exotic Travelers and absolutely love going there.  This was out 4th trip to the resort and it was just as nice as the first time.  It is an all inclusive resort with 8 restaurants a ton of bars & pools and includes nightly entertainment.   It is along the edge of the Gulf and absolutely delightful.  It has a lot to offer.

If anyone is interested in getting a price through our membership, just shoot me a message to me at anncarter554@embarqmail.com with the dates you would like to go.  I can get you a quote and you would be treated as a member as a one-time trip under our Awards Program.  It will not take from any of our own weeks.  The one thing you would have to do is go through their 2 hour presentation to see what they offer.  Each time we go, we do go to get their updates.  This is a growing place and one I promise you would love. 

Go to www.eldoradoroyale.com and check it out.